Frequently Asked Questions


Can I wear lenses for astigmatism?

Unfortunately, Sofclear is not available for patients with astigmatism at this stage.

Are One Day lenses noticeable when you wear them?

Sofclear lenses are lightly tinted to make handling easier. Typically, only the very edge of the lens can be seen, but this is so subtle that in everyday conversation no one will notice them in your eye.
Sofclear Colour and Enhance collection range are intended to be noticed, but in the best way possible.

Can you wear the lenses daily?

Contact lenses can be worn every day, only under the advice of your eye-care practitioner and whether they suit your specific vision correction needs. Contact lens care is important for everyday use and must be followed.

Where are Sofclear lenses manufactured?

Sofclear Contacts brand is owned by Gelflex. We are located in Perth, Western Australia.

What material are Sofclear lenses made from?

Our One Day Contacts lenses are manufactured from a special polymer called Methafilcon B and contain 57% water.

Our Sofclear Colour lenses are manufactured from a special polymer called Polyhema and contain 43% water.

Our Sofclear Enhance lenses are manufactured from Methafilcon A and contain 55% water.

All our lenses are packaged in our BioMoist solution which allows the wearer to maintain superior comfort throughout the day.

What size do the lenses come in across the Sofclear range?

Below is a table that outlines the different sizes across our Sofclear collection range:

One Day Disposables Sofclear Colour Sofclear Enhance
Base Curve 8.60mm 8.60mm 8.60mm
Diameter 14.30mm 14.20mm 14.30mm
Does Sofclear explain how to insert/remove lenses for beginners?

Yes, we have outlined the insert and removal process for lenses on our website. You can read and follow our diagrams to get a better understanding on the Lens Care page.

Are contact lenses better than spectacles?

Whether you decide to wear spectacles or contact lenses for vision correction largely depends on your personal preferences. Contacts sit directly on your eye, so vision, especially peripheral vision, is unobstructed. You can engage in sports and outdoor activities without fear of spectacles getting in the way, falling off or breaking. You can even change the colour of your eyes with colour contact lenses if you want!

Coloured or Tinted Lenses

How long do Sofclear Coloured or Sofclear Enhance lenses last?

Sofclear Colour and Sofclear Enhance lenses are designed to be worn daily for up to a month. Please follow the advice of your eye-care practitioner and stick to their prescribed wearing schedule.

Are the monthly lenses good for 30 days or 30 wears?

Monthly contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days before disposal. Just make sure you are taking care of them accordingly. This means you must remove them every night, clean and store them in a Sofclear multi-purpose cleaning solution. Remember to change the solution every few days even if you are not wearing the lenses.

Are coloured or tinted lenses safe?

Your safety and health is our priority. Coloured contact lenses are medical devices manufactured to strict standards. However, it is important to follow the advice of your eye-care practitioner and to ensure you are following all the correct handling instructions including caring for your lenses.

Which colour is best for me?

One colour does not suit all. Everyone’s eyes are unique. What works best for you will completely differ for someone else. Luckily finding that right lens can be easy, just head to “The Perfect Fit” to find yours by answering a few simple questions.

What is the difference between Sofclear Colour and Sofclear Enhance lenses?

Our Sofclear Enhance lenses intensify your natural eye colour and give it an impressive lift.

Our Sofclear Colour lenses offer you the opportunity to change your eye colour and let you discover new sides of you.


Does wearing lenses worsen your eyesight?

No, lenses are a perfectly healthy and safe option, no matter how old or young you may be.

What happens if I cry with my lenses in?

It is safe to cry with your contacts in so long as you avoid touching your eyes. Tears will lubricate your contact lenses and allow them to move a little more freely in your eye but should not cause them to pop out of your eyes. You may want to clean, disinfect or replace your lenses if your vision remains blurry after crying or if your eyes become irritated.

Can I shower while wearing my lenses?

No. Please do not shower, swim or clean your lenses with water. There will be a risk of microbial infection. Your lenses should not be in contact with any other solution apart from sterile saline or prescribed cleaning solution like Sofclear Multi-Purpose Solution.

Do Sofclear lenses have an expiry date?

All Sofclear lenses have an expiry date. This is clearly outlined on both the box label and the blister packaging. If your lenses expire you must discard them.

Can the lens get lost in my eye?

In some cases, the lens can move out of position and slide under the eyelid. It should move back into position on its own. If this does not happen, please consult your eye-care practitioner.

Can I wear contacts with makeup?

Yes, however you should always insert your lenses before applying any moisturiser or makeup. Any substance left on your fingers can transfer onto the lenses, so it is important to ensure your hands are washed and dry.

How do I know if my lens has flipped inside out?

Place your lens on the edge of your finger with the edges up in the air for inspection. If the lens shape looks like a mixing bowl with the edges upwards, you are good to insert into the eye. If the lens looks like a saucer with the edges downwards, the lens is inside out.

How do I treat dry eyes while wearing my lenses?

You will need to moisten your eyes with some rewetting drops before putting in your lenses and you may need to use these drops throughout the day to keep your eyes hydrated. Different environments and climate will often dry out your eyes, so speak to your eye-care practitioner for recommended drops and the frequency of applying to the eye.

What do I do if I experience pain, discomfort or irritation when I wear my lenses?

If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort or irritation whilst wearing your lenses, remove the lenses from your eyes immediately and contact your eye-care practitioner. Please do not wear any lenses until you have spoken to your practitioner.

We value our customers greatly and are always happy to help. If you have any questions, queries or comments, feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.